Sell Through Us

Hello are you an Owner of an Account, that has many Mounts, Achievements, Titles, Pets, Rank1 Titles, rare Items and so on, even with high Itemlevel?….yes thats exactly what i’m searching for.

You can sell your Account through us. You ask Yourself how? Here are the steps!

1. Contact me on Discord or Skype

2. Show me what you have to offer and provide me an Link

3. i will ask for your login Info and check on him

4. if i agree, i will work on your behalf selling the account

5. The Accountsale goes only through me from now on. Retreat or selling it trough others / on your own is not allowed

6. I might buy it an one point if i feel you can be trusted

Why chose my service?

1. I offer 4 plattforms for the selling process. OwnedCore, EpicNPC, G2g and here!

2. I have sticky threads for both EpicNPC and Ownedcore, generating the most possible Attention and Appeal for your treasure

3. I treat Accounts with all the dignity and love they deserve and will create an unique presentation + profile pic


5. Also Videos for very special Accounts including Precence on a Youtube Channel!

6. I will inform you about my every step, discuss with you price Thoughts and update you on new buyer Questions

7. Your account will be sold with all the respect it deserves, after all he is a big part of Gaming History

Skype: Spektraltiger

Discord: Spektraltiger#9908